Brandy O'Brien

Brandy O'Brien

Facility Director & Sr. Exercise specialist

Fitness has always played an integral part in my life, I bring an immense amount of experience to E.I. and feel fortunate to join forces with a knowledgeable team of instructors. A sprinter through school, my competitive drive and later love of weight training and group fitness, led me to CrossFit. I hold a myriad of certificates and regularly attend clinics and camps, constantly striving to better myself and those around me.

I deeply enjoy pushing my body through physical challenges and competition, but have developed a new appreciation for caring for my body. After competing in a CrossFit competition in June of 2017, my body felt like it was hit by a boulder! I’d reached burn out, the volume of training was no longer sustainable, and it was time to begin some serious rehab. Aware that recovery and rehab are essential with any sport, I was reluctant, I feared I wouldn’t be able to sustain the level of fitness I’d worked so incredibly hard to achieve. CrossFit had become a part of my life on many levels, I was deeply invested in my community, and receive great reward in helping others achieve their fitness goals. It was time for change, even if this meant discovering new avenues for fitness. My passion for CrossFit had not faded, but my health had depleted, changes in my training regimen were critical. The reoccurring injuries, nagging joint pain, inflammation, and chronic adrenal fatigue gave me the needed push to begin my research in available protocols.

I began reaching out to resources within the community, one of my closest friends suggested I contact an athlete we trained with for many years, Jake, he’d switched over to the protocol at E.I. after repeat back injuries. Jake and I have similar athletic backgrounds, and share the same passion for fitness, I knew it had to create effective results for him to commit. I began researching the training method almost immediately and was intrigued by the benefits; this training is time efficient, excellent for connective tissue, doesn’t upset your joints due to being low friction, beneficial exercise for osteoporosis, and compliments an individual’s sport without the risk of injury. Although I agreed that this method produces equal to greater benefits, I was skeptical, I struggled with the thought of completing an effective workout in 15 minutes, I was attached to the idea’s that “the harder you work, the greater the results” and “hard work pays off”. After reading countless testimonials from professional athletes, elderly, triathletes, and individuals joining the program right out of Physical Therapy, I was anxious to experience the training first hand. I contacted Mike, the Owner of E.I., after answering my questions over the phone, he invited me in for a few workouts. Upon completion of my second 15 minute session, I was humbled, and shocked, I’d never experienced muscular fatigue like this! This is the real deal….I’d discovered the perfect regimen, this training offers the mental and physical challenge I deeply enjoy, while working smarter, not harder, makes sense! More importantly, I realize this method offers freedom; my schedule, 15 minutes of work, effective results.

I’ve come to a turning point in my career as a fitness coach, and look forward to making the shift toward rehabilitation and restorative training. If you’re seeking training to compliment your current sport, have aesthetic goals, or simply want to maintain a healthy lifestyle, I’m ready to build a one-on-one relationship and design a prescription specific to your fitness level.


 CrossFit Level 1

 CrossFit Level 2

 CrossFit Mobility

 CrossFit Powerlifting

 USA Weightlifting Sport Performance Coach

 USA Weightlifting Advanced Sport Performance Coach

 Reebok Certified Fitness Trainer

 Reebok Certified Step Trainer

 ASFA Fitness/Bootcamp Instruction Certificate

 Attended Power Monkey Camp – One Week Training Course

 Ben Bergeron’s Business of Excellence Seminar

 Paleo Nick Nutrition Seminar

 Jason Leydon Programing Seminar